Are you planning to expand your business by reaching out to your customers online? An eCommerce website would be the best option to enhance your customer base and increase your sales. Whether you want to create your first online store or overcome the sales slump with your existing one, we can help you out with our results-driven eCommerce website design services. Hire eCommerce developers from Webguru Infosystems for top-notch eCommerce Web Development solutions with rich user interface, multiple payment gateway integration, advanced security features, easy-to-manage product inventory and much more.


Trusted eCommerce Website Development Company

The basic motto of any online store development is to give the users an experience equivalent to that of a physical store as well as provide the administrator with easy management facilities. At ODEXP Infosystems, an ISO 9001:2015 certified eCommerce website development company, we take care of both the requirements by ensuring the following criteria for our online store development services:


Easy Navigation & Engaging Interface

Categories & Filters to Streamline Search

Multiple Product Images For Real Life Feeling

Secured Payment Gateways

Easy & Quick Checkout Process

Proper Order Tracking Modes


Easy To Track & Manage Orders

Manage Offers & Discounts

Manage Product Attributes

Seamless Inventory Management

Easy Integration of Tax & Shipping

Easy To Monitor eCommerce Analytics

Avail our mobile friendly custom eCommerce web design services to take your business to the next level.



We have the expertise in developing top of the line eCommerce websites as well as mobile apps. Please let us know your requirement and we would be happy to discuss the projects on developing ecommerce websites or mobile apps with you.

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eCommerce Website Design Bangladesh | eCommerce Web Development Company

The core objective of any eCommerce website design is to give the users an experience equivalent to that of a physical store as well as provide the administrator with easy management facilities. At ODEXP Infosystems, an ISO 9001:2015 certified eCommerce website development company, we take care of both the requirements by incorporating them in our eCommerce website design process. Depending upon the clients’ preference, our professionals can develop either a single vendor or multi vendor eCommerce store. We follow the below listed criteria in developing robust, customized, feature-rich and secure eCommerce stores. Hire our services for an agile driven eCommerce website design in India. Here is the list of feature we offer:

Microsite Features

Unique profile for each seller/vender.

Product Catalogue

Individual collection of products for sellers.

Product Approval

Admin controlled product approval process.


Seller wise commission settings.


Vendor wise sells reports.

Rating & Reviews

Interactive review with star rating.

Benefits of Our eCommerce Website Development Services

Equipped with the latest technologies, we can develop eCommerce websites that are accessible from multiple devices including laptop, smartphone, tablet, and desktop. Our expert UI/UX designers work hard to craft an enticing website that offers a superior user experience. Our ecommerce solution is available large enterprises, SMB, and small business website. . Our scalable sites can be extended as your business grows and you seek to add more web pages. 

After completing the website development, we will also help you to deploy it on your desired platform. Now get a chance to turn your dream e-store into a reality with our robust ecommerce website development services.

Scalable Solution

We develop scalable eCommerce website that can be extended once your business grows.

Superior UI/UX

Our UI/UX designers can craft appealing websites that will attract your customers.


Our eCommerce website are accessible with multiple devices including laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets.

Hassle-free Deployment

On completion of the development, we will also help you to deploy your site on your desired platform.

Our Robust eCommerce Solution

At ODEXP infosystems, we develop a feature-rich eCommerce portal to deliver a superb user-experience to your customers. We can cater to your unique requirement by crafting a stunning website. We ensure to include the following features un your website:

Custom Shopping Cart

Social Media Integration

Multiple Payment Methods


Secure Payment Gateway

Custom Admin Panel

Leading eCommerce Website Design Company Bangladesh - Partner with Us

As a trusted eCommerce website design company in Bangladesh, we guarantee you of following:

Specialized In eCommerce

Out of the wide range of services we provide, eCommerce web development is our specialization.

On-Time Delivery

As the top eCommerce website design company we ensure timely delivery of your online store.

Innovative Designs

Our innovative eCommerce developers ensure that your eCommerce website is always unique and stands out from the crowd.

Dedicated Team

We have a large pool of experienced for amazing eCommerce website development.


     With our dynamic B2B and B2C eCommerce solutions, we can offer you a comprehensive service.



eCommerce website Development Platforms:

Magento Development

magento id one of the widely used development platforms today when it comes to eCommerce website development. Due to its modular structure, it allows deep customization of both front-end and back-end. It is effective in building an online marketplace where multiple vendor stores can be set up, and providing an unmatched level of security due to its PA-DSS compliance.

PrestaShop Development

When using PrestaShop, you do not have to deal with a lot of technical aspects or complex coding. It is free, lightweight and easy to use. Besides, it offers multilingual support which allows you to sell your products or services in a global market. Our professional eCommerce website developers are well acquainted with this platform and can build unique eCommerce websites for your business.

Custom PHP Development

To help implement your sprcific requirements for larger and complex eCommerce solutions such as an online marketplace, custom PHP is the way to go. Hire our PHP developers to get feature rich, modern and lightweight eCommerce websites with exclusive designs for your business. We use frameworks like Laravel, CakePHP, CodeIgniter and databases like MySQL, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, etc. to deliver robust and scalable eCommerce online stores.

OpenCart Development

One of the main perks of OpenCart is easy customization. Thanks to the use of AJAX, websites developed using OpenCart are extremely lightweight. It supports over 14000 additional extension which can be downloaded, including low cost premium plug-ins. Due to a lot of experience as an eCommerce web development company in Bangladesh, our professionals can deliver beautiful OpenCart based online stores for any industry.

WordPress Development

WordPress websites are the fastest and easiest to develop, yet turn out to be extremely robust. By using a few among the many amazing eCommerce plug0ins available for WordPress, excellent eCommerce solutions for small business can be created quickly. We generate beautiful websites using WooCommerce, which drives about 30{1575c498f271d4d1156199e9e1f1625902e55b00ccb3b9da2e1a845312219bd3} of all eCommerce websites - more than any other eCommerce development platform.

Shopify Development

One of the most accessible platforms in eCommerce website development, Shopify offers the advantage of being able to get off the block and set up an online store for your business quickly. You can build eCommerce stores with Shopify in an uncomplicated manner to sell your products online. The interface is easy to use, customizable according to your needs and has inbuilt security as well.

We are a customer-oriented eCommerce website development company in Bangladesh striving to go beyond your expectation of bespoke online store. Call us today or request a quote now.


We closely work with you to develop a strategy suitable to your business goals.


Once we understand your business objective and develop a work plan, we progress accordingly


Our expert developers will craft your eCommerce portal using various trendy tools and technology

Testing & Development

Before making it live, we'll check the functionality, security, compatibility and usability of your site so that you are lest with no complaint.


We provide a complete support service to ensure that your website is updated with the latest technologies and offers the best user experience.

eCommerce Web Development Services - FAQ

Below, we will answer several frequently asked questions about eCommerce web development services. If you still have any doubt, feel free to ask our experts.

Ecommerce website development is the practice of bringing a physical brick and mortar store online. Developing an eCommerce solution for a product-centric business is an effective and smart way to reach a wide audience. It allows the target audience to select their favourite items, add these to a built-in cart, pay through a secured payment gateway and get these delivered without breaking a sweat. To develop an eCommerce site, having a detailed knowledge of the eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, third party plugins integration, etc. is of paramount importance.

It solely depends on you. With our scalable eCommerce website, you can add unlimited products and allow any number of users to access your site.

You can integrate any payment gateway as long as it is compatible with the technology you select for development. You may also want to integrate more than one payment gateway into your e-store to enhance your customers’ convenience.

Absolutely not! Every business is unique and the website must reflect that uniqueness. We tailor our web design service as per your requirement to offer a unique appeal to your online address.

Ensuring the security of your e-store is our primary concern. We adopt multiple measures to strengthen your site’s security. To know more about our comprehensive security audit service, give us a call.

Choosing the right tech stack is crucial for developing a robust eCommerce store. Some of the most popular and feature-rich eCommerce platforms include Shopify (and Shopify Plus), Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart etc. Here’s a quick glance at these:

Shopify: This is ideal for small and simple store development. Several useful features are already built-in to the platform, for instance, performance analytics, storefront design, search engine optimization, etc.

Shopify Plus is an upgraded version targeted mainly towards any enterprise-scale business. It offers a wide array of features and functionalities useful for large MNCs.

Magento: This one is perfect for developing a scalable eCommerce website. It has an out-of-the-box repository of 5000 extensions and requires outstanding tech skill to develop an e-store. Mid to enterprise-level businesses ideally use this platform.

WooCommerce: It is an open-source shopping cart plugin owned and developed by WordPress. This is ideal for small businesses which already have a website on WordPress. Equipped with numerous third party themes and plugins, WooCommerce offers immense flexibility to the developers.

Here’s a detailed study into which platform to choose for your store development.

Communicate your requirement with us and we can help you pick the right tech stack for your project.

The cost of developing an eCommerce website depends on multiple factors including the robustness of the store, the complexity of the eCommerce platform you choose, the features and functionalities of the site, and many others. It’s only possible to outline the cost for an eCommerce website development once you share your requirement with us.

You can reach us with your project needs and get a FREE quote.

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