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Advantages, disadvantages of VPS hosting

Advantages of VPS hosting

Advantages of VPS hosting VPS hosting has many advantages. It is discussed in stages below.

Relatively cheap: VPS servers cost more than shared hosting but much less than dedicated hosting. However, the benefits of a dedicated server can be enjoyed at a lower price. Which helps in getting the maximum amount of benefits at the least cost.

Control: VPS servers are of two types: Un-managed, managed. In un-managed, the hosting company will not setup anything for you. You have to do everything including OS setup, control panel, required software. On the other hand, a managed VPS hosting provider will make it complete. For those who are a bit non-techy, the managed plan will be best. You can enjoy access using SSH or command line if you want.

Dedicated IP and software access: VPS hosting offers dedicated IP access. That’s why using a VPS service is more convenient than setting up a VPN. Besides, you can install software as needed, be it Linux or Windows OS.

Customization: The beauty of VPS server is its super user level customization facility. That means you can install any application you want. You can create your own working environment.

Lightweight: As a dedicated server acts as a personal PC, it has its own CPU, RAM and storage. Due to which server request time, interaction time everything is processed faster. That’s why VPS servers are lightweight and websites hosted here load very fast

Security: VPS is a very secure system. Hosting service providers provide free SSL with their packages. which encrypts the data exchanged between the browser and the server. For some reason, if someone accesses the said data, he can see the encrypted data without seeing the original data. Moreover, since the control site is near the owner, he can take immediate action. Moreover, VPS is much better than shared hosting in terms of security as security related tools such as paid firewalls can be used.

What are the disadvantages of VPS hosting?

Although VPS hosting has many advantages, it also has some disadvantages. Let’s look at the disadvantages.

Price: Although the cost of VPS server is less than dedicated server but much more than shared server. Sometimes affording VPS server is not possible for many. So it can be said that if there is a problem in terms of budget, buying a VPS server is a big problem.

Technical Knowledge: Managing an unmanaged VPS server requires more technical knowledge than managing shared hosting. Because here you may have to do a lot of technical work yourself. You may have to figure out the solution to the problem yourself. That’s why it’s better not to use VPS server if you don’t have tech knowledge.

Allocated resource limit: The amount of limit allocated by hosting providers often creates problems. Because if any server among the VPS on the same server uses more resources, then the rest of the VPS will suffer from resource problems.

Why use VPS hosting?

The main reason to use VPS hosting is its benefits. Although it has some disadvantages but the disadvantages do not matter much to its advantages. Security, flexibility, performance, VPS server is much better and far ahead of shared hosting.

VPS is best for getting more storage facilities with fast and reliable server speed. Considering the points mentioned above, you can understand why you should use a VPS server.

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