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What are name servers? How to check name servers?

An important part of DNS (Domain Name System) is the name server. Domains are connected to hosting through name servers. It acts as a server where certain amount of data is stored. We know that computers do not understand anything except binary, that is, they do not understand anything except IP addresses, and each domain has a unique IP address. For this domain is associated with hosting by name servers. Which domain is associated with which IP address is stored in the name server. That is, the data from the hosting is shown on the website through the name server.

Tools: We can know which name server is set in our domain using some tools.

Some tools to check name servers:

After going to this website, put your domain address inside the green box and click on Report. We can see the name server of the domain from the Information section. Similarly, nameservers can be checked with the tools mentioned above.

name servers

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