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What is shared hosting website?

What is shared hosting website?

Shared hosting website:

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting service that allows multiple websites to share a physical web server and its resources among hosted websites. In shared hosting, web servers are logically distributed to house, serve and operate multiple websites.

Shared hosting is also called virtual shared hosting.

 Explains Shared Hosting website

Shared hosting is one of the most common and popular forms of web hosting services. This provisioning is typically done by web hosting service providers who have multiple web servers on their site. When she registers with the provider, a logical partition/region for each website is created on her web server, and the web server only stores data for that website. Other websites reside on the same web server and share memory, processing power, network, and other resources. Shared hosting is a shared service, so it is a cheaper alternative to dedicated hosting.

Shared hosting is recommended for websites that are small, have low web traffic, have much lower security concerns, and require a cost-effective website hosting solution.

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