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What is the smallest domain?

smallest domain

Smallest domain

Much has been written about the world’s largest country code top-level domain (ccTLD). But which one is the smallest domain?

What is a CCTLD?

country law top– position sphere( ccTLD) is an extension assigned to a particular countryautonomous state, or home.

For example, the ccTLD for Australia is .au.

Characters in the ccTLD extension do not always match the country. This is the case for .ch for Switzerland.

CH stands for “Confederation Helvetica”, which translates to “Swiss Confederation”.

How many CCTLDs are there?
There are currently 327 ccTLDs. Some countries lease the use of their ccTLD to another registry, or allow foreign registration of websites unrelated to that country, so that the website is affiliated with a particular country.

Not all are used for display only

What is the largest CCTLD?

Most of the country code top-level domains in December 2018 are .cn (China – 22.7 million), .tk (Tokelau – 21.5 million), .de (Germany – 16.2 million), .uk (United Kingdom (11.9 million )), was .ru. (Russia – 5.9 million)

Australia ranks 10th with 3.2 million (figures from Verisign’s Q3 2018 Domain Name Industry Brief)

The .tk case is interesting because Tokelau has a population of only about 1500. This is one of the scenarios above, where the country allows another registry to use that extension. increase. Anyone can register a .tk file from anywhere, but this has caused some problems in the past.

What is the smallest CCTLD?

The smallest domain seems to be .va (Vatican City) with only one registered domain. Then there are .mh (Marshall Islands – 4), .um (United States Minor Outlying Islands – 5), .er (Eritrea – 5), and .gb (United Kingdom – 90). Yes, the UK has two ccTLDs, but names can no longer be registered in .gb.

Note: The numbers above are from Domain Name Stat and may be outdated.

What are the benefits of using CCTLD?

Especially when it comes to .au, recognition and trust are good reasons to register a file if you are in business.

Most Australians recognise that .au method Australia and that the .au area area has a superb reputation. One reason for this is due to strict eligibility criteria to ensure completeness.

What is DNS (Domain Name System) and how does it work?

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