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What are the advantages and disadvantages reseller hosting

Advantages of reseller hosting

Advantages of reseller hosting

Upgradable server resources

Advantages of reseller hosting: We know that the more resource utilization a server has, the better service it will provide. Usually hosting companies allocate certain resources for each hosting package.

However, since the purpose of reseller hosting is to provide the customer with a plan, it can be quickly upgraded if the resource runs out or if there is a problem. Reseller hosting can rapidly increase resources such as storage, RAM, and processor power to accommodate increased user demand.

Ease of use of required software

To run a hosting business, some necessary software is required, such as providing a control panel to each user to manage their hosting, using different software to share the total resources of the server in plan form. Automated software is needed to provide user bills, plans, support tickets and other corporate support.

All these benefits are easily available in reseller hosting. For example, popular billing software WHMCS is used to manage clients and billing.

Create flexible hosting plans

Reseller hosting is just like clay can be customized. Now budget based plans can be created with resources according to customer needs.

For example, let’s say you create a blog website. Now it is possible to guess how much resources will be spent on a blog website but by looking at the website. Reseller hosting can easily create flexible hosting plans as needed. WHMCS software makes this whole job very easy.

User Account Control

WHMCS is a web hosting billing and automation software, every feature of it is critical to managing web hosting. For example, if you have 100 users on your reseller hosting, it is not possible to manually monitor each user’s bills, payments and activities.

Because it is very difficult to take action by checking so much data together. That’s why user accounts can be controlled very easily using WHMCS tool.

User Experience

Reseller hosting plans are user friendly. Easy to customize and upgrade resources at any time. Besides, as there are different plans for the user, the plan can be selected depending on the budget. It is very different in function and purpose from shared hosting.

Disadvantages of reseller hosting

Among the many advantages of reseller hosting, there are also many disadvantages. Let’s find out about them.

higher price

In terms of price, reseller hosting is a bit more expensive than normal shared hosting. Reseller hosting is more expensive than traditional shared hosting because reseller hosting is charged in bulk.

Poor performance

It has many performance issues as it is not a dedicated server. For example, the website load speed is very low. When the visitor pressure increases, the whole server works slowly. However, if the reseller keeps the server free from overload by hosting a small amount of sites, then these problems can be avoided.

Trouble upgrading servers

As we have already learned, server space is provided to individual customers through reseller hosting. As more customers grow, more space and resources are required. Which results in the need to upgrade the server.

Although the process of upgrading the server does not have a big effect, if there is a little mistake, all the sites under Reseller Hosting will be down. Moreover, the company from which the reseller is taken for technical help requires full support.

Maintenance risk

We don’t have to do much to manage a single server. For example, after taking a shared hosting, the hosting provider company sets up everything. You don’t have to do anything. But in the case of reseller hosting, you have to fulfill the responsibility of all the users under you.

From server setup to server maintenance, you have to do everything yourself. Even the solution of technical problems should be solved by you with the parent company. All of this adds up to maintenance risk in reseller hosting.

Trust issue

Since the reseller hosting company does not come from the original location, there is a trust issue. As Reseller Hosting has all liability and security on the reseller who purchased the package.

Now since he is not a direct company person it is not unusual to not trust him. However, at present, the activities of each reseller hosting are indirectly monitored by the parent company.

Why use reseller hosting?

First of all, Reseller Hosting is the best way to start your own domain hosting business with low capital. Especially if you have the opportunity to buy and sell domains and hosting on a regular basis, it is best to select a reseller hosting package over your other hosting packages.

In this, a lot of the cost of buying different hosting packages will be reduced in the reseller package. Can manage many servers simultaneously which will save cost and time. You will get more security and technical help because hosting companies sell reseller packages to expand their business. They provide good service so that their service is good. Considering all these factors, it will be better for you to get reseller hosting.

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