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What is the domain name

What is the domain name

 Domain name : A domain in general is a name. Which carries the identity of a website.

With the help of which any website can be found easily. But in general, even though a domain is a name, you’ll find quite a bit of variation in meaning.

I started writing today’s article to find that difference and present it correctly.

In today’s article, you will know what is domain, what are the types of domain, why domain is used. And how to earn from domain.

How much does a domain cost or how much does it cost to renew each year? How to buy a domain and what are the types of domains.

You will get answers to all the questions about the domain through the article mother. I will discuss all these issues in detail.

That’s why you need to read the article carefully from the beginning to the end.

What is domain? What does domain mean?

When you create a website/blog. Then first of all you will need domain. Because the domain basically carries the identity of a website.

Just like that there are many websites in the world. Each of them has a domain. For example, for Facebook and for Google.

Now the thing to know is that you can see several things in a domain. For example, at the beginning of my website’s domain, you will see “https” followed by “Banglaitblog” and finally (“.com”), but the question is, which is the domain here? So!

But we often see domain names preceded or followed by (“https” “http” “www”). You may sometimes wonder what this means?

Let’s understand what domain is (“https” “http” “www“).

What does http mean?

The full meaning of http is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol which is a protocol by which communication can be done online or on the Internet.

After each website visit, if you click inside the URL of the browser, you will see that this format is automatically entered.

You don’t have to write it separately, the browser takes care of it. If you click on any text on any web page to go to a new page, you have clicked on hypertext.

If you see http with Url after visiting a website and black lock icon is seen on its left side it means SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is not used on that website.

After clicking on that black lock icon, you can see Not Secure, that is, this website is not safe for you because the information is not transferred in Data Encrypt form on that website.

So let’s find out what https is.

What does https mean?

https stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure ie https is the Secure Version of http. The ‘S’ at the end of HTTPS means that this website is SECURE.

https encrypts all communication between your browser and the website. Which transfers data encrypted between the browser and the server by using SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Due to which no one else can know the data that exists between the server and the person.

If you visit a blog or website, you should see if there is https at the beginning of the URL or link. If yes it means this website secures your data with SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

You will see a green lock icon to the left of the URL in your browser’s ADDRESS bar. After clicking on that lock icon SECURE text will be seen.

That means that website is protected by SSL.

Hope you understand the difference between http and https.

What does www mean?

www stands for world wide web which is used with domains. When we were kids we used to type www while visiting a website and then write the name of the website we want to visit.

But what many blogs say about www is that www was used to bring people from all over the world into a virtual world.

Because we thought www would mean something on the internet. For that www was used before domain. But now there is no need to write www.

However, www must be used at the beginning of the domain. There is no such obligation. You can visit any website using a direct domain name.

What is a subdomain?

When something is added before the name of a domain, it is called a subdomain. For example, let’s say with a domain. here,

Here, example is the domain name. Now if we add an extra part before this name. Then the domain would be exactly like this,

Here, blog is added before the domain name. That is, this domain can be called a subdomain. domain name

The main part of a domain is the Domain Name. Because this name will carry his identity. You can give any name you want.

The name may be your own, or the name of your company or organization. For example,

Domain extension

No domain is complete without extensions. Anything that comes after (.) at the end of a domain name. That is called Domain Extension. Many extensions are currently in use. Some of the popular extensions are:






Apart from these there are many more extensions. However, from the practical point of view, the above extensions are the most popular. Now that you have learned so much, you should also know why you should use a domain.

to the domain registry

A domain is not just any website

This domain has several advantages. For example, someone is already working on that domain. Because of which you can buy it safely.

But there are also some disadvantages, like if there is any kind of problem with the said domain. For example, Google Penalty / Search engine banned /Crime /Sexual Content Published etc.

That’s why when you buy expired domains. Then keep these things in mind. So that you don’t have to face any problem with your domain later.

Why do you buy domains?

This question once arose in my mind. Then I thought, why should I buy a domain if I have so much! After much searching I found an interesting answer to that question.

The funny thing is, when you buy a domain name. After that no one else in the world can buy the domain name. Whoever he is.

For example, after you buy a SIM, the number you will be given. Only you can use that number. No one can use that number except you.

Just like when you buy a domain name. No one else can buy the domain with that name after you.

Now you can ask that I understood everything. But why should I buy the domain? So listen, there are different reasons for buying domains. You can buy for your blog or website.

There are many people who buy good domains. So that later those domains can be sold and earn more money.

Others buy domains as a hobby. If you purchased the domain in your own name. That’s not a bad thing though.

How to buy domain?

To be honest, it is very easy to buy domains now. Because, today there are many such companies in Bangladesh. Who do domain registration at very low cost.

And being a domestic company, you can make payments through BKash. Now let’s get to know some local and foreign domain providers.

Desi website to buy domain

Currently there are many good companies in Bangladesh. From whom you can buy domains. The most popular company name in Bangladesh is,


According to my experience, the best company in Bangladesh is ODEXP. From here you can buy domain very easily. This company has been working faithfully for a long time.

Big bloggers in Bangladesh. Many of them take hosting+domain services from this company. You can do domain-hosting from here as this website has more customer support and other facilities.


Those who do not have a good understanding of the domain. They should buy the domain from this company. As a newbie you will get many opportunities from this company.

To avoid any card or other bank related issues, you can easily purchase domain-hosting from the website through Bkash Rocket Cash.


To say that I purchased my first domain from HosterPlan and entered blogging life after purchasing domain from this website.

You can easily buy any hosting and domain through Bkash Rocket without making any card payment.

Foreign websites to buy domains

If you want to buy a domain from a foreign company. Then you must have Credit Card or MasterCard. Through which you can transact.

The names of some foreign websites for buying domains are,


Domains are available to buy from this company at very low prices. Besides, on special days, this company gives a lot of discount for buying domains.

The domains of the world’s biggest websites buy domains and hosting from this company. If you want you can buy domain from Namecheap.


Another popular company in the world is Godaddy. Millions of websites’ domains have been purchased from this company. Godaddy is a very trusted online company nowadays.

You can definitely buy domain from this company. How do you buy domains? I hope you have understood by now.

Caution to buy domains

See, when you buy a domain, there are several things you need to keep in mind. Otherwise, any problem may be faced later.

You can lose your hobby domain for that problem as well as get fined.

Or after buying a wrong domain, you will see that your money will go down the drain, so take the following precautions before buying a domain.

Domain Renew

Domain trademark

Domain Security

Domain transfer

What is Domain Renew?

These two things are very important when buying a domain. Why is important now should be discussed in detail. Because there are many companies who bother to renew

In other words, if Renew has charged more money Which many people cannot renew with that money. This can cause you to lose ownership of your domain.

To be honest, it is not possible to buy a domain with a lump sum. After buying a domain, you have to pay again every 1 year. If you don’t pay that money, you will lose ownership of your domain

Now the thing is, domain prices and renewal fees vary slightly from company to company. Some charge regular price for renewal, while others charge more due to providing good service.

Now the point is, there are a handful of companies. Those who mainly do not come to the market with the intention of doing business. Their main purpose is to take more money from people by cheating.

So when you buy the domain.

How much should he pay to renew then? Know that in advance. So that there is no problem later.

What are domain trademarks?

Be very careful about domain trademarks. Because if you buy a trademarked domain. In that case you may be jailed or fined.

We have an article on Trademarks on our blog which you can read all about from there.

The most important thing in buying a domain is Trademark. If you purchased a trademarked domain.

You may be jailed or fined. This topic is very sensitive, so watch this topic carefully.

See when a company or organization buys a domain with a license. Then no one else can buy the domain with the same name. Because it falls under Trademark.

For example, is a trademarked domain. Now if you try to buy a domain with this same name.

For example, or then Facebook will have the right to sue on your behalf.

And if this case is very serious, then the court can impose a fine in your name. Anything more than that can get you jailed.

So before buying a domain, definitely keep the trademark in mind.

What is Domain Security?

We all are more or less familiar with the subject of security. As soon as you buy a product online. Also it must be security protected.

That security should be maintained even in case of domain. When you buy a domain, surely you buy that domain for a few years or a few ages, right?

Now the company you buy from.

If that company cannot provide you security. Then you will face various problems along the way. So pay special attention to this matter.

What is domain transfer?

What is domain transfer, you need to know that first. Suppose you buy a domain from a company.

Now for some reason you don’t like that company anymore. Then you can transfer the domain you bought to another company.

But the problem is, there are some companies. Those who do not want to give this facility of transferring They don’t want to lose their users for more profit.

In that case, even if they benefit, you will be in trouble. Because, when there are any such restrictive rules. Then you are bound to obey their rules.

So the company you buy the domain from. Know in advance from that company. Whether they can facilitate domain transfer.

For now, keep these few things in mind if you buy a domain. Then you won’t have any problem.

Now we will know how you can buy a domain and how to earn millions of rupees by doing domain business.

How to buy a domain?

Remember, buying a domain outright is not a good idea. Before buying you need to think why you are buying domain. But most people buy for 2 purposes. For example,

For your blog

Money is for income

There are also people who buy domains as a hobby. But what do you actually buy for? You have to fix that beforehand.

Domain for your blog

When you think about creating a blog or website for yourself. Then first of all you need to think about the domain.

Because this will carry the identity of your blog or website.

So when you buy domain for blogging. Then you can buy any extension. For example, (.com) (.net) (.org) etc.

Domain for money income

You will be surprised to know that nowadays it is possible to earn a lot of money by doing domain business. But the question is, how is this income?

Look, you bought a domain for 1000 rupees. Then advertise that domain in different marketplaces to sell it in different markets.

Now if that domain is good. Then someone will buy your domain from you at a higher price. Basically this is the process of doing domain business.

Domain business income

When I first heard about domain business. I was surprised like you. A question was repeatedly revolving in the mind that how it is possible to earn by doing domain business.

Then when I started doing research on this subject. Then I was completely surprised. Because you buy a domain for 1000 rupees.

That domain can be sold for Rs 1 lakh. The truth seemed very strange to me

If you want to earn millions by doing domain business. Then you need to keep several things in mind. For example,

Domain Marketplace

Domain quality

Hmmm, it is enough to take care of these few things for now to do domain business. So let’s know about those things in detail.

Domain Marketplace

Currently there are several domain selling marketplaces online. Where you can sell your domain at a very good price. The names of some such marketplaces are,




Namepros etc

If you want to sell your domain and pay more money. Then you can do that from these market places Because these websites only do domain buying and selling.

That’s why first of all you need to buy high quality domain. Then that domain has to be listed in these marketplaces. Then various buyers will buy your listed domain for a higher price.

Read more…

What is Google AdMob? Ways to earn from Google Admob

What is Google Adsense? Ways to earn from Google Adsense

What is a search engine? How do search engines work?

But here is one thing you should know. List your domain on these marketplaces.

That’s why you have to pay some amount yearly or monthly VOC.

What is domain quality?

If you want to earn from domain business. Then your domain must be quality. Now the thing to know is, what is there in a domain that will be considered as quality done. So listen,

If a domain has these three things. Then your domain is quality. For example,

3L/2L/4L Domain

Meaningful Domain

TLD Extension

Now the thing to know is, what is this 3L/4L or Meaningful Domain. Now let’s know about these things.

3L/2L/4L Domain

If you want to earn from domain business. Then you need to give the most importance to the letter of the domain.

Because these domains are sold at the highest price in the marketplace.

For example, if you have a 3 letter domain, then that domain will be called 3L Domain. Likewise if you have a 2 letter or 4 letter domain. Then that domain will be called 2L Or 4L Domain.

To be honest, if you can buy any domain of this type. Then you can sell that domain for millions of rupees.

Meaningful Domain

Another important thing for domain business is Meaningful Domain. Now if you want to buy domain as you want and sell that domain.

Then you may not get the desired result.

Of course it has to make some sense. Also if your domain is short word. Then you can sell it at a very high price.

TLD Extension

By now you have also understood that different extensions are used for a domain. For example, (.com) (.net) (.co) (.org) etc.

Now the question is, are all these extensions popular? – No, to be honest, even if there are different extensions. But these are not equally popular.

See, there are still many people who only understand domain (.com). And it is true that there are many types of extensions in the world. Among them (.com) is the most popular.

If you want to involve yourself in this business. Then you should also prefer top level domain. Then the chances of your domain selling for a higher price will increase to a large extent

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