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What is web hosting?

web hosting

What is Hosting โ€“ Hosting and domain are required to create a blog or website. In the previous article I talked about what is a domain name. In today’s article we will discuss in detail what is hosting, what is web hosting, what are the types of hosting and what is the cost of hosting.

Therefore, if you want to buy hosting to build a blog or website, then from today’s article, know better about hosting and hosts.

What is hosting?

To create a website or blog in the world of internet, the place where all the data of the website or blog is stored is called hosting. All the text, videos, images, documents, audio files of any blog or website are stored on the hosting server of the specific website or blog.

What is a blog?

When a user searches the internet for the domain name that is required to create a website, the domain name of that website or blog is pointed to the hosting server, and all the data of the website is shown to the user.

This means that all the data that is accessed on the Internet with the help of the domain name, all the data is deposited or stored on the web server or web hosting.

Suppose you want to open a shop. But opening a shop requires a place where you can keep all your products and equipment. A customer can go to that specific location to view and buy your products.

Hosting is required to create such a website online. All the data of a particular website is stored in the hosting. When a user searches a website on the Internet by typing a specific domain name, the domain name points to the web server, showing the user all the data of that website.

What is hosting?

Hosting is a type of web server. Where all the data of a particular website or blog is stored. If a user searches the internet for a specific domain name, the hosting can view all the data of that website or blog. A website emerges in front of the user through the connection of domain and hosting.

What is a host or what is a host?

A computer connected to a network is called a host. Sometimes a computer or any other device connected to a network is also called a host. It can be mobile, tablet or any other device. There are different types of hosts. Eg: network host, web host etc.

A network is needed to connect one host to another host. And communication is done by creating connections between one or more hosts with the help of a network.

Domains and hosting are a type of web host. Web hosts maintain different types of hosting servers. and provides hosting services to various customers.

For example: When a domain is connected to the hosting via a network, it falls under the web host.

What are the types of hosting?

  1. Dedicated hosting
  2. VPS Hosting
  3. Shared hosting
  4. Managed Hosting
  5. Cloud Hosting
  6. Reseller Hosting

All these types of hosting are discussed in detail below. From where you can easily find out what hosting does and how much it costs.

Dedicated Hosting

If an entire CPU is taken as hosting it is called dedicated hosting. We know that a specific CPU has specific RAM, hard disk, processor. If a website owner uses the entire CPU as hosting it is called dedicated hosting.

An example would be:

Suppose you buy a house. Since you own the house, you can use the whole house alone. None of your friends or relatives can stay here. Now this whole house is Dedicated Hosting. You can store all your personal belongings here.

This type of hosting costs between Rs 6000-20000 per month.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

The user has the most control over hosting.

The highest security is available on this hosting.

User can access anything very easily.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Hosting

This hosting costs the most money.

Controlling this hosting requires a lot of technical knowledge.

If you can’t control it, hire a technician.

VPS Hosting

When a dedicated CPU is divided into separate submachines or virtual machines, it is called VPS hosting. Suppose a dedicated CPU has 8 GB of RAM, then the VPS allows everyone to use that dedicated CPU by dividing the RAM for individual website users.

So when a CPU is shared to create a Sub-Machine or Virtual Machine, different users are allowed to access their website then it is called VPS hosting.

For example:

You rent a house and share it with 4-5 friends. And everyone started living with separate rooms. Now you and your friends will pay the rent of that house together. And everyone can keep their belongings in that house.

This type of hosting costs between Rs 2000-10000 per month.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

Gives the best performance for websites.

You can control the flower yourself.

According to the website, memory upgrade and bandwidth can be changed.

Privacy and Security

Disadvantages of VPS Hosting

Technical knowledge is required.

Less resources available than dedicated hosting.

Shared Hosting

When a VPS hosting is shared with different users, it is called shared hosting.

So dedicated hosting is divided into VPS hosting, and VPS again is divided into shared hosting.

In shared hosting one CPU can be shared with many users. But the hosting company decides how many people a shared hosting will be shared with.


After you share a room with your friends in a house, if a new person is given accommodation in that room again, it is called shared hosting. Here you can allow your new 4-5 friends in one room.

To buy such hosting, 40-300 rupees per month is to be paid to the particular web hosting company.

  • Benefits of Shared Hosting
  • Set up is very simple.
  • Good for new blogs.
  • Very easy to control.
  • Available at low cost.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

Security is very low.

Very few resources are available.

Sometimes website performance is poor.

Managed web hosting

The type of web hosting used by a company or large organization is called managed web hosting.

For example, we use WordPress to create a blog. But there is a type of hosting called WordPress hosting which is created by the WordPress company for its users. Through which a WordPress user can optimize and rank his website or blog.

If a company manages a hosting itself with the help of various tools, it is called managed web hosting. Here certain companies create this type of hosting only to serve their users. But sometimes big companies also make managed hosting.

For example:

Suppose you own a flat and you manage that flat yourself. Where you see if your customers are experiencing any difficulties. And managing to look after the flat itself to fix the problem.

Cloud Hosting

When certain domains are accessed from separate servers it is called cloud hosting.

For cloud hosting, separate servers are kept in different countries or locations. When a specific user of a country wants to use a specific website, the domain is connected to the web hosting of that country.

Suppose your website receives traffic from these three places: America-India and Bangladesh. If an American user wants to open your website, your website will be accessed with the help of a server located in America. Again, when a person from India visits your website, your website will be hosted by the server located in India.

As a result your website will never be down. And for different types of servers all your website data is stored on each server. If your data is deleted from any server then you can recover that data from any other server.

The cost of this type of hosting is Rs 400-700 per month.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is when a whole CPU is bought from a particular company and shared with different users.

Here you can buy a specific hosting in your own name and rent it with other users.

Since this is what you are re-buying and re-selling, it is called reseller hosting. Suppose you buy a hosting and then divide it into different categories called VPS, Shared, Business within this hosting and set different prices. Then contact different users and say that you have a hosting that you want to rent. Then you will allow the users who come to buy your hosting to rent it.

For example:

You buy a house from another person and rent it to others in your name.

Hosting Price

Different types of postings have different prices. I have given here a description of the monthly rent for specific hosting.

Shared hosting โ€“ 40 to 300 taka

VPS hosting โ€“ 2000 to 10000 Tk

Dedicated hosting โ€“ 6000 to 20000 taka

Cloud hosting โ€“ 400 to 1000 rupees

Reseller hosting โ€“ 3000 to 80000 Tk

What is hosting server?

When a website is connected with hosting, all the data of that website is stored on the server of the particular hosting company. This server is called hosting server.

The hosting server of a particular company stores all the data of customers, backups, files, passwords.

Best domain hosting provider in the country

If you want to buy hosting for your blog or website then you can buy hosting from these trusted companies. All these organizations are the best domain hosting provider companies in our country.





A2 hosting






How to buy hosting

If you want to buy hosting then by visiting all these websites, you can buy hosting according to your blog traffic.

Therefore, after visiting any website from here, you can create a new account, choose a hosting plan, pay and buy hosting.

If you have created a blog for the first time and you want to buy hosting for a new blog, then I would suggest you to get shared hosting from Hostinger. From where you can buy hosting at very low cost. Later after learning blogging well, you can upgrade your hosting plan in future according to your blog traffic.

How Hosting Works

We know that a domain name points to a hosting. When a user searches for a website name on the Internet, the IP address of that particular domain; Points to the hosting, creating a connection between the domain and the hosting.

The Domain Name System, or DNS, is used to associate domains with hosting. Through DNS, a domain knows which server a particular domain is associated with. Since there are many types of servers on the Internet; So DNS, after finding out which server belongs to the particular domain, connects to the particular hosting.

After pointing the domain name to a specific server with the help of DNS, the hosting is allowed to show all its data from the specific IP address and then if the hosting server allows, all the data of that hosting can be seen and read by any internet user.

All these events happen within seconds. So the user doesn’t understand all this. When they search for something on the Internet, they find it in an instant.

Choose the right hosting

If you want to buy hosting for the first time then you need to keep many things in mind when buying hosting. Because a website and hosting depends on many things. For this, first know the information given below and then buy the hosting.


The job of hosting is to always show your domain to users and keep your website in front of the internet. But there are many types of hosting companies that go down most of the time. And being down can sometimes take your website off the internet.

So before buying hosting, select the company that will guarantee 99.9% Uptime for your website.


Speed is the main thing of any website or blog. If your website is slow to open then a user will leave your website and enter someone else’s website.

Because there are many types of websites on the internet that provide similar information. So no user will wait to open the website, he will immediately move to another website.

So check the speed of the hosting you are using. For this you can discuss with the users who have already used the hosting of that company.

Website speed sometimes affects SEO as well. If your website speed is low then Google will rank your website behind.


Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be accessed on your website every second. If your hosting bandwidth is low, your website will slow down due to heavy traffic. So choose hosting with unlimited bandwidth if you can.

Disk Space

The most important thing about hosting is the hosting space. Where all your website data is stored. Like mobile memory card it also has a certain limit. So if the disk space of your hosting is full, then you will not be able to store any new data in your hosting. So keep this thing in mind and choose hosting service with unlimited disk space.

Customer Support

The hosting company you are buying hosting from; Check out their support system. Sometimes help and support is needed due to lack of technical knowledge. Because there are many types of hosting problems that cannot always be fixed by yourself. Therefore, before buying hosting, you must check the customer support of the hosting company you have chosen.


The biggest thing to keep in mind for your website is security. If your hosting company does not provide security for your website then there is a fear of your website data being stolen. So choose a web hosting company that enhances web-site security.

SSL certificate definitely plays a big role for website. Placing an SSL certificate on a website increases its security manifold. So while buying hosting check if the company provides SSL certificate.

Money Back Guarantee

Sometimes while using a hosting service, various types of problems occur with that hosting service. So it is necessary to leave that hosting service and go to another company’s hosting service. For this reason, the hosting company you are currently looking to join must check if they offer a money-back guarantee after paying for the service, or for how long.

If you want to buy hosting services from a hosting company, then definitely buy hosting from a company that offers a moneyback guarantee. As a result, you can easily transfer your website to another hosting provider company with your money back.

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